These Weights Feel Like...


A rough estimate of Percentage lifts based on feel

Feelings may vary depending on:

  • What you did for exercise yesterday
  • How much sleep you got
  • How well you ate
  • How "good at" the movement you are.
  • How much you lift. 70% of 500lb is very different from 70% of 100lb. This list tends towards lighter lifters.

The more lifting sessions you have under your belt, the better your feel will become!


Below 60% of 1RM = Medium-Light to Light. Good for workouts for time, and practicing technique. Very light weights (20-40%)  are for working on speed.


60-70% of 1RM = 16-12RM = Medium. Comfortably weighted. Good for muscle gain and practicing technique. 65% is the maximum weight you would want to do 20-30 reps for time.


70-75% of 1RM = 11-10RM = Medium-Heavy. You'll have to focus at the end of a long (8-10 reps) lifting set. 75+% is enough to drive general strength gains.


80% of 1RM = 8RM = Heavy. But I got this.


85% of 1RM = 6RM = Very Heavy. When already tired, this will feel maximal.


90% of 1RM = 4RM = Very, very heavy. Oh crap, that's really heavy!


100% = 1RM = MAXIMUM. Just barely holding on to your technique for long enough to lift 1 rep of the weight.