Potluck Ideas

We want to accommodate most eaters without having 30 salads (or 30 boxes of doughnuts!) at gym potluck events.

It doesn't need to be specifically "healthy", but should have an element of whole (unprocessed) food.

Home-cooked and home-processed foods are just fine, and dress up your foods as you like!

We have a refrigerator and a microwave, bring serving utensils.

Here are some ideas for what to bring:

  • Deviled eggs and similar starters
  • Yogurt- and cottage cheese-based dishes
  • Cold cuts
  • Grilled anything (meat, fish, vegetables)
  • Slow-cooked anything (meat, vegetables)
  • Avocado-based dishes
  • Potato-, rice-, and whole grain-based dishes
  • Fruit salads, citrus salads, Mediterranean salads, quinoa salads, other "themed" salads
  • Cut fruits, whole berries, etc
  • Cut vegetables with hummus or light dressing
  • Squash-based dishes
  • Cruciferous vegetable-based dishes (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts)
  • You can always BYOB!