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Customized Programs:

The wait is over. Oakland's Premiere Fitness Training Center has remodeled and expanded our space, and has spots open on our client roster.

Ideal prospects are determined, hard working, high performing professionals who aren't looking for a quick fix, juice cleanse, or some other fad diet.

These programs are complete from A-Z and here's a brief overview of how they work:

Step 1) Book a Consult with a Lead Trainer -

The trainer will perform a computerized body composition analysis using non-intrusive, medical grade equipment to determine your body fat, lean muscle, and water weight levels, as well as to determine your current metabolism.

Step 2) Movement Assessment - The trainer will screen for mobility restriction and injuries, and then if applicable lead you through a short workout to gauge your starting point.

Step 3) Prescribe a Plan of Action -

The trainer will sit with you at the end of the consult and take into account your personal and work schedules, goals, special considerations, and anything else that may be pertinent, and compile a customized plan that is unique to you at this time.

Step 4) Implementation and Support -

Clients will have their attendance and progress monitored by a trainer, and our world-class support staff will be available to answer any questions you have along the way. All programs include check-ins at preset intervals so we can assure you are making strides towards you goals, and make and adjustments necessary to your plan.


Welcome visitors! You can use a 1-Class Pass to join any Workout of the Day (WOD) class.

1-Class Passes are $35.

You may not make other purchases in lieu of payment for classes.